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What is Graphic Design

October 16th, 2015

People have often asked me this question: WHAT IS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER This inevitably leads to the question: What is Graphic Design?

I’ve never had a solid answer for this. I always wanted a way, however, to tell people what graphic design was. So I did some research. According to Wikipedia, Graphic Design is a visual communication process where space, colors and type are used to communicate messages.


Well, quite simply put, it means it is a way to create art that represents ideas. As graphic designers we play around with new technology, new art forms, new colors (this is an odd one) to create a piece we think is fitting.

We take the message given to us by our boss or client and use our experience to help display this message in the most effective way. Granted, this usually means our work ends up being aesthetically pleasing, but this is not always the case.


That is true! Graphic Design is actually about both the product AND the process. Both aspects of creating a final template and the final template itself are considered graphic design.

Some types of Graphic design are logos, brochures, magazines, books, newspapers, website design, posters, flyers, images, packaging, team jerseys. Anything and everything that deals with an idea and a message displayed with art is graphic design. Remember that! Anything dealing with art and its marketing is graphic design.


Graphic Design is good for a variety of career options. First and foremost is the marketer. Being a good marketing agent requires some knowledge of graphic design. After all, most marketing materials are pleasing to see. For example, an online marketer could hire a graphic designer to make his/her advertisement for Google.

Graphic Design also has many other career paths such as professional sports teams, movie artists, animation artists, production artist, packaging directors, packaging makers, books cover makers, etc.

A graphic designer/online marketer makes around $50,000 per year!

Best Marketing Company in New Jersey

March 4th, 2015

The Best SEO/Graphic Design/Digital Marketing in the Jersey City, New Jersey Area

Many people have been asking me to compose a list of who I think is the best marketing/Graphic Design company out there. The reason for this, if many of you may not know, is because I’ve my blog has been a huge success. I had a lot of things I wanted to change (web design, seo, customer acquisition) and so I had done a thorough amount of research. In fact, I spent almost 2 years researching before I even went in for a consultation. Then I spent another year consulting with many firms before I found the right one. This means one thing: I know what I’m talking about.

SMC Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an art that very few people know about. It requires taking your entire sales process and updating it to keep up with the digital world. This includes websites, social media, graphic design and search engines. You need a company who is on top of everything. This will make sure you have the best results.

Online Marketing Options in Jersey City, New Jersey? 

SMC Digital Marketing

88 Palisade Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

551 208 7677

I also know that online marketing is an art form. There are very few companies with the ability to mold your brand the way you want. They have to be able to be slight of hand and be able to create designs and imagery in ways that YOU  (the customer) desires. It is an extremely hard job. What is even harder is finding someone who can do this with the least amount of work possible. The more efficient your marketing campaigns the better.

Who is the best SEO specialist in jersey city

SEO are a touchy subject. So many people swear by it but so many other people get burnt using it. While the official term is a search engine optimization, most people like to call it a BUYER BEWARE. SEO come in so many shapes and sizes but people want to have the campaign. It is hard to find a company that will get that for you (in only a few short consultations) and for that reason I have linked to the page above.

If you want to know more about hiring the right digital marketing agency, check out this video on hiring the right company:


Museum of Art

October 21st, 2014

I just recently visited the MOMA. Metropolitan Museum of Art for those of you who don’t know. This museum is arguably the most famous museum for art in the entire world. I was able to visit New York City this past week and it was one of the greatest times of my life. However, visiting the museum of art was the highlight.

As you know I am in love with art so MOMA was heaven for me. First I saw a bunch of paintings made by some of the most famous artists of all times. This includes Michelangelo, Da Vinci, etc. There were also a lot of unnamed artists with beautiful pieces of work. The ancient Greeks, for example, had great sculptures portraying magnificent artistic events.

After my obsession with the drawings died out I was then overtaken by the art of building (architecture). NYC’s Museum of Art hold’s arguably the greatest collection of historic architectural marvels. I saw the beauty in the design of the houses of Japanese Samurai. They were able to make amazing use of their space. They had gardens that you only see in paintings and their homes were plain, yet magnificent at the same time. It really put a new perspective in my life. I wish I could have just stayed there and drawn and colored the whole image.

Another amazing building was the homes of Muslim rulers during the early part of this millennium. These individuals had the grandest homes I have ever seen. They also had a way of ensuring circulation in the homes. For example, I visited a visiting room the size of my entire house and it was cooler than the surrounding area. It was truly an artistic marvel.

I loved going to the museum to appreciate the art. I would say if you ever get the chance go visit. It is well worth the trip!

Art Fair

All you can know about Art in today's Technological World

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