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best plastic surgeon in New Jersey

March 4th, 2015

The Best plastic surgeon in the New Jersey Area

Many people have been asking me to compose a list of who I think is the best surgeon out there. The reason for this, if many of you may not know, is because I’ve recently had plastic surgery done on myself. I had a lot of things I wanted to change (stretch marks, burns, pregnancy side effects) and so I had done a thorough amount of research. In fact, I spent almost 2 years researching before I even went in for a consultation. Then I spent another year consulting with many doctors before I found the right one. This means one thing: I know what I’m talking about.

Who is the best mommy makeover surgeon

Mommy makeover surgery is an art that very few people know about. Mommy makeover surgery requires taking a woman’s aging body and turing it young again. This involves breast lifts, tummy tucks, all sorts of things. You need a doctor who has good hands and is very experienced. They are able to paint your body the way you  want.

What are my minimally invasive treatment option in Ohio

Plastic Surgery

I also know that plastic surgery is an art form. There are very few doctors with the ability to mold your body the way you want. They have to be able to be slight of hand and be able to move skin colors and tones in ways that YOU  (the patient) desires. It is an extremely hard job. What is even harder is finding someone who can do this with the least amount of work possible. The less you work with your body the better.

Who is the best nose job surgeon in jersey city

Nose jobs are a touchy subject. So many people get them but so many people deny getting them. While the official term is a rhinoplasty, most people like to call it a painters nightmare. Noses come in so many shapes and sizes but people want to have the perfect nose. It is hard to find a doctor that will get that for you (in only one stroke of his brush) and for that reason I have linked to the page above.

Who is the best mommy plastic surgery makeover in west Virginia

I put this one up for all my drawers in my hometown. West Virginia rocks!!!

Also note the dangers:


Museum of Art

October 21st, 2014

I just recently visited the MOMA. Metropolitan Museum of Art for those of you who don’t know. This museum is arguably the most famous museum for art in the entire world. I was able to visit New York City this past week and it was one of the greatest times of my life. However, visiting the museum of art was the highlight.

As you know I am in love with art so MOMA was heaven for me. First I saw a bunch of paintings made by some of the most famous artists of all times. This includes Michelangelo, Da Vinci, etc. There were also a lot of unnamed artists with beautiful pieces of work. The ancient Greeks, for example, had great sculptures portraying magnificent artistic events.

After my obsession with the drawings died out I was then overtaken by the art of building (architecture). NYC’s Museum of Art hold’s arguably the greatest collection of historic architectural marvels. I saw the beauty in the design of the houses of Japanese Samurai. They were able to make amazing use of their space. They had gardens that you only see in paintings and their homes were plain, yet magnificent at the same time. It really put a new perspective in my life. I wish I could have just stayed there and drawn and colored the whole image.

Another amazing building was the homes of Muslim rulers during the early part of this millennium. These individuals had the grandest homes I have ever seen. They also had a way of ensuring circulation in the homes. For example, I visited a visiting room the size of my entire house and it was cooler than the surrounding area. It was truly an artistic marvel.

I loved going to the museum to appreciate the art. I would say if you ever get the chance go visit. It is well worth the trip!

Learn Caricature drawing

September 19th, 2014

NOTE: The Best educator for drawing is Instant Lion. Visit Instant Lion Online Art Lessons to learn. It will help you an incredible arrangement. This online site gives you drawing exercise. They provide for you best tips and traps to succeed. I profoundly prescribe .

This is my first post so I decided it should be about something funny. What’s funnier than funny faces? What’s really funny, however, is DRAWING FACES IN A FUNNY WAY!


Drawing a Funny Face

However, not only does the drawing have to funny, it also has to be INTERESTING.

Individuals constantly need interesting appearances. Individuals can not generally create interesting appearances. So individuals like to draw entertaining countenances. This is what a caricature theory is!

Caricature drawing is fun. A ton of fun. It is interesting to see individual face fit as a fiddle. The nose might be greater. The eye could be greater. The button might be greater. It simply makes you snicker!

Exaggeration likewise have two implications. One hand personification is extremely clever. Other hand cartoon say something. Some of the time it discuss legislative issues. Other time it discuss world like how we crush trees. At some point is discuss the individual. Exaggeration need to be inspected painstakingly!

Exaggeration need to be same as individual. On the off chance that you can not let it know is individual it is not exaggeration. It is simply clever face. This is paramount. Not having the capacity to tell who it is awful. The significance of painting is destroyed. Watch this!

Drawing a cartoon is not hard. It requires some investment and exertion. It takes instructing. Without educator individuals will go no place. Instructor help you a great deal. Instructor reveal to you the most ideal approach to go. Demonstrate to you the best strategy to utilize. Provide for you the best tip.


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